action replay

A/V virtual experience

Action Replay is an audiovisual experience embodying the sonic realm and feelings brought by late 90's-early 00's video games at the origin of the eponymous EP, released on Los Angeles-based label TAR. By sampling their original in-game sounds, the project mix personal feelings with today's confusion, contradiction and disillusion. The included visual experience is a translation back from the sonic realm and tries to embody said feelings - independently from the games’ visual aesthetics. It explores the ability to spatialize sounds in virtual environments, allowing the listener to actively take part in the perception of sound in their listening experience, which is usually over-simplified by endless automatic Spotify playlists of disposable music. The 15-20 minutes experiences invites the listener to immerse themselves and engage with the music on a corporeal level, transforming linear listening into a bodily experience.

Download (PC, Mac, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift)

Selected as part of Virtual Dream Center 2.1
along Raphaël Fabre, fleuryfontaine, Baptiste Caccia, Jean-Baptiste Lenglet, Nicholas Steindorf