club late music

open-source collaborative music label

with François Bellabas, Robin Lopvet, Brice Reiter

Club Late Music introduces itself as an open-source music label that reflects a contemporary, post-internet attitude and personify the instantaneous and global nature of today’s culture. It seeks to reinvent the way of producing and promoting musical projects, gathering an enlarged community driving all the projects and releases. Club Late Music attempts to represent an artistic movement stimulated by experimental club music, using photography, videos and new technologies as mediums of experimentation. The so-called URL culture and its capacity to bind musical and visual substrates and practices is constitutive of its artistic approach.

In June 2017, Club Late Music initiated the GUN collaborative community - as in Global URL Nation. Inspired by the free and open-source software approach, GUN gathers a diverse community of artists and musicians working together on experimental projects using various mediums and processes inherited from contemporary cyberculture. Combining the different musical and understandings of club music, the GUN project multiplies collaborative, decentralized experiments, incorporating the style and ideas of each contributor.


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Open source and collaborative music label: economies of creation, collective intelligence, new structures of music production and promotion