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Seoul Community Radio, Seoul

Mix for Seoul Community Radio.

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collaborative text & visual work
with Moritz Tontsch, NEW FEAR, s1m0nc3llon, Club Late Music
First Blood Exhibition, ALONE Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

Text and visual made in collaboration with people from the GUN community (Moritz Tontsch, NEW FEAR, s1m0nc3llo) for the First Blood exhibition organized by alpha_rats/Spektrum Crush at ALONE gallery during the Break Off Art Book Fair in Taichung, Taiwan.

obsidian reveries
dj set
High Heal #5 Lava Session, Pantin

Mix for High Heal  #5 Lava Session in Pantin along moesha 13, LUKANN, hydropsyche, BORA, vida vojić, Désir d'enfant, A L L P A S S.

Cover by Sybil Montet

ecobliss psychoconstruct
A/V performance
Virtual Dream Center 2.1 : Preview, Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris

Mix for the Virtual Dream Center 2.1 release party at Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris, as part of the "100% Beaux-Arts" exhibition along Sarah Nefissa, Valentin Lewandwoski, Augustin Steyer, Oswald Pfeiffer and SDRN.

Live walkthrough by fleuryfontaine

VDC report

A/V performance

Turbulences, ENSA Paris Malaquais / Nanterre-Amandiers, Paris

The performance uses a Max for Live device to control Ableton Live parameters based on real-time weather data.

Visual elements made with Ganz Graf Mod X 1.0 by synnack

Download M4L device